About Anamudi Hotel

Anamudi Hotel is situated in Marayoor , which can be reached from Munnar.  The Hotel is located in a place surrounded by hills.

We provide one of the best accommodation for tourists  coming to Marayoor.

Marayoor is a place of historic importance, situated in Idukki district of Kerala. Ancient Dolmen and rock paintings date back to stone age.

The terrain is highly undulating, with altitudes ranging from 500m at Chinnar to 2300 in some locations. The same kind of topography can be observed at Marayoor, with mountains, rain forests, decidious forests, scrub forests,  paddy feilds, waterfalls rocky hills and hamlet.

Marayoor is the the only place in Kerala that has natural sandalwood forests. Marayoor is famous for its natural sandalwood forests. Sandalwood oil is known as liquid gold and it is extracted from the roots and wood of sandalwood.

Marayoor claims to be part of a stone age solution that is as old as 10,000 B,C.  Ancient Rock Paintings are part of Marayoor heritage, at  Altala, Ezhuthu Guha( which literally means cave of  writing), Kovilkadavu and Manala in Marayoor panchayath.

The climate in Marayoor is characterized by mild wet winters and hot and dry summers. Marayoor winter is not frigid cold as considerable sunlight is characteristic to this region. Even during rainy winter the region gets plenty of rainfall ranging from 250 to 225 cm of rainfall.

Marayoor has more that 1000 species of flowering plants and is a well known repository of medicinal plants. Chinnar – the wild life sanctuary in Marayoor has recorded the largest number of reptilian species including the mugger crocodile in Kerala.

With 225 recorded species of birds it is one of  the richest areas of south India in Avian diversity. Deep in the Chinnar forest lies the Thoovanam waterfalls. River Pambar flows through the forest and forms the waterfalls. From the watchtower, within the forest, tourists can see wild animals such like deer, monkeys, langurs and elephants.

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